Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fleece Blanket with Braided Edge

Fleece blankets with the tied knots are great but if you tie them too tight they don't lay right and laying on knots is not very comfortable at all. I've seen some tutorials for these new braided edges and I really wanted to try one so I made this blanket for my husband. It ended up being really easy and only took a few hours total. 

Things you will need:

Fleece (I used 2 layers but this can also be done with 1 layer just ends up with a slightly different look)
Tape (Blue Painters tape works well)

I used 2 1/2 yards of fleece so that the blanket is nice and long. You can really make the blanket as big or small as you choose depending on what and who you plan to use it for. 

Lay the Fleece out on the floor with the wrong sides together. (wrong sides really only apply if it is a patterned fleece) Make sure all sides are lined up if they don't line up exactly cut them so they do. Cut off any salvage edges. Make sure all the edges are somewhat square and look straight. This does not need to be exactly perfect but it should be somewhat close just so your blanket will lay right when finished. 

Measure 1.5 inches from the edge and run a line of tape along this line on all 4 sides so there is a 1.5" border showing. Lay your ruler along the tape line and cut 1 inch wide fringe up to this line so it is 1.5 inches deep. Cut out the corners completely so there is a 1.5x1.5 inch square out of each corner.

 Once you have all of the fringe cut out you will need to fold each piece over and cut a small slit into each. This does not need to be very large, just enough that you can push another piece of fringe through it.

Now we are ready to start "braiding"! This part goes pretty fast once you get the hang of it. Start in the middle of one of the edges and push one piece of fringe through the piece of fringe of the other color.  Then take the piece you just pushed through and push the piece next to it of the opposite color/layer through that one and so on going back and forth between colors/layers. 

If you prefer a one layer blanket follow the same basic steps but instead of going back and forth between colors just push one piece of fringe through the next.

As seen in the pictures I pushed the blue piece through the black piece then take the next black piece and push it through that blue piece. Continue this all the way around the blanket until you come to your starting spot.

Once you are back to where you started you will need to take the first piece you started with and cut it in half so you can put one of the halves through the very last piece you ended with as seen on the picture.  

Last step tie the pieces together with a double knot and you are done.

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